Sky Broadband Review (Moan)

On Saturday 13th March I noticed that I could not access my Sky broadband.

I have to admit in the 3 years I have been using Sky broadband I have never had a problem. So I left the router over night thinking that it would repair itself or there may have been a problem with the exchange – either way I did not care as I was off to watch Green Zone (great film by the way).

On Sunday 14th March I noticed the router was still down. So I phoned Sky broadband customer services of which as expected I was passed around quite a bit. I then spoke to an operator who told me that my connection had been terminated due to “someone hacking my email account” – I then asked what account of which he could not answer. Having over 40 email addresses I asked which website the hack was for, Hotmail? Gmail? As these are the only two I use. (how would they know someone was hacking my web based email accounts?) – again the telephone operator could not answer. I do not use my Sky email account or even think that I have one.

I then proceeded to ask how I go about getting my account activated, his response was

  • update and run antivirus programs on all computers (automated)
  • format all hard drives

I explained that all my computers that connect to the router – that’s 1 Apple Mac, 1 iMac, 2 Iphones, a Windows laptop (rarely used) and a Blackberry – would I have to reformat all of these? – “Yes” and without reformatting all hard drives I would not be reactivated.

I was not willing to do this purely as I know all these machines are pretty clean and did not think this attack was coming from my machines and probably an random attack at Sky itself – maybe one of my machines was being used as a bot – but I doubt it.

I asked to be provided with more information as to how these attacks are happening, when, where from – but I was getting the robot phrase ‘Sir – you are currently breaking your terms of agreement with Sky’ and this was the response for nearly all the questions I had. He was obviously reading from a prepared script and I assume that customer service are not usually challenged – anything that was not on the script he could not answer.

I continued to argue with him as I was not happy being accused of breaking my Sky broadband agreement without any evidence or actual facts that he could provide me. I asked to speak to some one higher up – but apparently there isn’t any.

Okay get to the point….

  • Its great that Sky are trying to tackle and being proactive with regards to hacking or what ever was happening.
  • Sky need to understand that in most cases people will not just format all their hard dives – a family of 5 could have 5 laptops and a few phones to format – its not practical and most people would not know how to do that.
  • If Sky Broadband operators are going to make wild accusations against customers breaking their legal terms – then have some evidence, back the accusations up.
  • Employ telephone operators that have knowledge of the Internet and basics of computing – and not operators who just read from pre written scripts.
  • When you decide to terminate someone’s broadband connection, how about a courtesy call to let them know and resolve the issue? You might be able to resolve the issue there and then, or catch the ‘hacking’ in action.
  • ‘Your email is being hacked’ is not a reason to terminate someone’s broadband connection, provide more details.

Overall my Sky broadband has been brilliant which is great as it means the less I have to deal with their customer services. Apparently my connection is at ‘Alert 2’ if it goes to ‘Alert 3’ I will need to write a letter to activate my broadband. If it does go to ‘Alert 3’ with no explanation, the only letter I will be writing is to terminate my broadband, telephone and expensive HD Movies and Sports package I have, and hello Virgin!

One thought on “Sky Broadband Review (Moan)”

  1. Wow, I can sympathise with that…although as a Virgin customer – it is not all that better!

    When it works, its great, the moment it goes wrong, we all get treated like a technophobe with no idea of the laptop thingy my daughter bought me kind of thing…

    If I have to be told that I need to “unplug the router, leave it 30 seconds, then plug it back in – has that solved the issue” one more time!!!!

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