WordPress Images Not Displaying

Just a quick 6 monthly blog post.

As I am pretty lame at server management and checking some of my smaller websites I noticed that some of my images were not being displayed on WordPress websites which I own.

Whilst in WordPress trying to find the reason for images not displaying, I thought it was a good time to upload the latest version of WordPress and I was presented with this error.

“Upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload features will not be functional.”

My first thought was to check the file permissions in my FTP client – I did they were fine.

So I did what everyone does and used Google to search for the error and all the answers were related to permissions and this was not my issue.

I then found out the issue was that I had maxed out my diskspace so there was no space left to write – simple hey?

Problem: “Upload folder is not writable. Export and file upload features will not be functional.”

Fix: Check your disk space.

Running for SHP at the Run to the Beat Half Marathon

I decided  at the start of the year to do more charity work ensuring that I also enjoy any charity work I do.

Once upon a time I used to run and be in relatively fit condition. As the years have passed and I enjoy my food more than the gym I have decided to run the run to the beat half marathon (with a few of my colleagues at Ayima) for homeless charity SHP.org.uk . I recently moved to London and its not until living here I realised how many people are homeless in London.

SHP.org.uk provides accommodation and support to 3,000 Londoners and in the process helping with ill health and prevention of substance misuse.

Genuinely looking forward to putting on the running trainers and if any of you have any great running routes around London please let me know.

I do not have a donation page yet, but this will be going up soon.

1and1 Review (oneandone)

I hate 1and1 for many reasons.

I do not want to get into a long blog rant and  detail every reason why I hate them, but all I want to do is recommend people NOT to use them.

Over the 10 years I have been buying and selling domains I have used 1and1 – I have just over 150 domains with them and over the years I have worked out that I have spent high ££££ with them.

As I have many domains in many contracts all I wanted to do was move all my domains into one contract. I did not want to change registrant or registrar just do some very basic internal transfers, so that my account became more structured and easier to manage as 1and1′s clunky user interface is very slow and looks like something from the early 1990′s.

They wanted to charge me 1 years register fee for each domain I wanted to move (internally) – it worked out to be over £500 for admin costs – WHAT A JOKE!

Anyway I complained, as everyone knows their customer service is shocking, using text copied from Wikipedia and while most their helpdesk are unable to read and understand emails they get. I ended getting the same response 3 – 4 times before geting annoyed and give up.

Why do I  keep using them?

Well I like to keep all my domains together – but once I have saved my pennies this month, I plan to get my own Nominet Tag and have nothing more to do with 1and1.

I see I am not the only ones that agree:

More retweets:

I did get a tweet from their customer service Twitter account over 24 hours later, I responded – no response still………I still have no explanation as to why it costs over £500 for some administration and no apology for their poor service.


SEO Consultant Job – Ayima

A great opportunity to join leading SEO Agency Ayima.

To be nosey and laugh at our pictures you might want to visit http://www.ayima.com/management.html

More information on this role can be found here http://robkerry.co.uk/blog/seo-consultant-job.html

To apply for the below role send your CV and covering letter to joinus@ayima.com

Job title: SEO Consultant

Location: London
Industry: A variety of competitive industries
Company name: Ayima
Company website: http://www.ayima.com/

Company Information:

Ayima is UK’s leading SEO consultancy, working with some of the country’s most recognised brands as well as successful start-ups. The company also has expertise in Social Media, PPC and CRO.

Job Description:

The candidate will be responsible for managing Search Engine Optimisation campaigns in a client-facing role. They must be experienced and confident enough in their abilities in order to answer all client questions in a comprehensive and in-depth manner.

Skills / Experience:

- Attend client pitches and assist Business Development in identifying the SEO needs of potential clients, plus any specific on-page issues

- Become the Account Manager and single point of contact for a small number of Ayima’s high-value clients

- Analyse, identify and report on both on-page and off-page issues faced by clients and their competitors

- Document and report back to clients on recommendations that would help their site attain greater traffic, rankings and conversions

- Work with other SEO team members to brainstorm new ideas and identify complex issues faced by new and existing clients

Candidate Requirements

- Able to work independently as well as part of a team

- Confident and comfortable in a business meeting environment with senior client and internal staff

- Can explain technical issues in a way that non-technical clients can understand and technical contacts can implement

- Strong knowledge of on-page SEO factors, including dissecting HTML code, building logical site architectures and giving alternative implementation recommendations to a client’s technical team

- Understand the significance of external links, how they affect rankings and what factors play an important role

- Experience in using Website Analytics data to discover trends, untapped search terms and on-page issues

- Good written English skills and an ability to explain complex concepts in an easy to digest and organised manner

- Proven ability to increase the rankings, traffic and visibility of a website via Search Engine Optimisation

- Technical skills such as JavaScript/PHP/Perl/Python coding or server administration experience would be an advantage but in no way essential

This is a job posting is also advertised on SEOgadget.co.uk – a UK SEO company helping people and organisations succeed in search.

This vacancy is located in United Kingdom – please ensure you are eligible to work in this location before applying for the role.

Sky Broadband Review (Moan)

On Saturday 13th March I noticed that I could not access my Sky broadband.

I have to admit in the 3 years I have been using Sky broadband I have never had a problem. So I left the router over night thinking that it would repair itself or there may have been a problem with the exchange – either way I did not care as I was off to watch Green Zone (great film by the way).

On Sunday 14th March I noticed the router was still down. So I phoned Sky broadband customer services of which as expected I was passed around quite a bit. I then spoke to an operator who told me that my connection had been terminated due to “someone hacking my email account” – I then asked what account of which he could not answer. Having over 40 email addresses I asked which website the hack was for, Hotmail? Gmail? As these are the only two I use. (how would they know someone was hacking my web based email accounts?) – again the telephone operator could not answer. I do not use my Sky email account or even think that I have one.

I then proceeded to ask how I go about getting my account activated, his response was

  • update and run antivirus programs on all computers (automated)
  • format all hard drives

I explained that all my computers that connect to the router – that’s 1 Apple Mac, 1 iMac, 2 Iphones, a Windows laptop (rarely used) and a Blackberry – would I have to reformat all of these? – “Yes” and without reformatting all hard drives I would not be reactivated.

I was not willing to do this purely as I know all these machines are pretty clean and did not think this attack was coming from my machines and probably an random attack at Sky itself – maybe one of my machines was being used as a bot – but I doubt it.

I asked to be provided with more information as to how these attacks are happening, when, where from – but I was getting the robot phrase ‘Sir – you are currently breaking your terms of agreement with Sky’ and this was the response for nearly all the questions I had. He was obviously reading from a prepared script and I assume that customer service are not usually challenged – anything that was not on the script he could not answer.

I continued to argue with him as I was not happy being accused of breaking my Sky broadband agreement without any evidence or actual facts that he could provide me. I asked to speak to some one higher up – but apparently there isn’t any.

Okay get to the point….

  • Its great that Sky are trying to tackle and being proactive with regards to hacking or what ever was happening.
  • Sky need to understand that in most cases people will not just format all their hard dives – a family of 5 could have 5 laptops and a few phones to format – its not practical and most people would not know how to do that.
  • If Sky Broadband operators are going to make wild accusations against customers breaking their legal terms – then have some evidence, back the accusations up.
  • Employ telephone operators that have knowledge of the Internet and basics of computing – and not operators who just read from pre written scripts.
  • When you decide to terminate someone’s broadband connection, how about a courtesy call to let them know and resolve the issue? You might be able to resolve the issue there and then, or catch the ‘hacking’ in action.
  • ‘Your email is being hacked’ is not a reason to terminate someone’s broadband connection, provide more details.

Overall my Sky broadband has been brilliant which is great as it means the less I have to deal with their customer services. Apparently my connection is at ‘Alert 2’ if it goes to ‘Alert 3’ I will need to write a letter to activate my broadband. If it does go to ‘Alert 3’ with no explanation, the only letter I will be writing is to terminate my broadband, telephone and expensive HD Movies and Sports package I have, and hello Virgin!

Freelance Digital Consultant – London